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Private Cooking Classes

Our hands-on classes take the mystery out of amazing food. 

In the company of other fun and like-minded folks, dive deep into the process and techniques of professional level cooking and enjoy an amazing meal all at the same time.

Classes are two hours in length, and take place at your home in the Cincinnati area!  Simply find 5 other friends who love food as much as you, and book an evening with us.  Prepare to have your culinary horizons expanded, learn crucial techniques and have an unforgettable experience.

We are currently offering the following classes:

PASTA 101:
Handmade pasta requires only 3 ingredients - and one of them is patience!  In this class,
Chef Dave teaches the preparation of the simple yet challenging classic Italian dish: Cacio e Pepe and pairs it with a simple farm green salad with a handmade vinagrette. 

The Baker's Table is getting known for it's biscuits all around the Cincinnati area!  Do you want to know the tricks to a perfectly flaky, yet crunchy biscuit?  How about spicy and savory pork sausage gravy to pour on top of it?  There's nothing like breakfast for dinner...we've got you!

What's the most commonly requested Indian dish?  Chicken Curry...Chicken Tikka Masala...Chicken Vindaloo.  The secret is -- they are all basically the same thing, and in this class, Chef Dave shares a simple method to build the complex flavors of this classic Indian sauce, and enjoy it paired with basmati rice and sauteed summer greens.

Cost - $65-85 / person
Minimum size - 6 people
Maximum class size - 12 people

Booking of an event requires a two person $130 deposit.  The remaining balance of $65 / guest is required to confirm your event, and must be completed at least one week prior.